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Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, that can often become over-indulgent – lots of chocolates, 3-course dinner, sugary cocktails…

Relax and experience the health benefits of Massage – cards, flowers and chocolates aren’t the only gifts that are Valentine’s Day appropriate. Pamper yourself or someone you love with a massage, it’s not only relaxing but also has many health benefits.

Some of the benefits of massage include: releasing muscle tension and pain, correcting problems in your body, stress reduction, immunity boosting, heightens mental alertness, increased joint mobility, improved posture, improved skin tone.

You could also join a class that is fun and focuses on a healthier lifestyle –

  • Motivate your significant other or friends in a quick workout class
  • Learn a new dance to keep you moving and have fun in a dance class
  • Discover a healthy and tasty recipe or improve kitchen skills in a cooking class.

There are lots of different classes you can take to try something different that will keep you active and on track with your healthy lifestyle, while also enjoying yourself and being social!

Give a gift that encourages a healthy lifestyle. Here’s some great gift ideas that you could give your partner, friends or anyone on Valentine’s Day:

  • Sports watch
  • Activity tracker
  • Yoga mat
  • Make a gift pack of healthy snacks – you could include bliss balls, spiced nuts, protein bars, dried fruit snacks, natural popcorn, smoothie mixes, granola etc.
  • Headphones
  • Water bottle
  • Workout gear
  • Running shoes

Presenting these gifts will motivate your partner or friends to stay focused on their fitness goals.

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