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Healthy eating can be a struggle, especially when there are so many diet blogs, fitness experts and nutritionists telling you different things. This makes the entire process complicated and makes a truly healthy lifestyle feel almost unattainable. In reality, healthy eating doesn’t have to be that difficult. So, to help you out, here’s your beginner’s guide to healthy eating:

Avoid Packaged Foods – The first thing you need to be mindful of when it comes to healthy eating is packaged food and processed food. Any processed items contain high quantities of saturated fat, which if eaten in large amounts, can cause heart disease. It is important to remember that packaged foods also contain lots of sugars and unhealthy flavouring. Although these items are convenient and easy to eat, they are incredibly bad for you.

Don’t Skip Meals – Many people make the mistake of skipping meals in the name of healthy eating. However, this is the exact opposite to what you should be doing. Skipping meals is dangerous because it results in you being hungry and therefore craving a quick sugar release from an unhealthy snack.

Plan Your Meals – Another way of making healthy eating easier is by planning meals and meal prep. Although these are concepts often spoken about by fitness junkies, it can be helpful for everyone. Planning meals gives you lots of control in terms of what you eat in a week. Essentially, you are able to write a list of what you are going to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day throughout the week.

Avoid High Calorie Drinks – A mistake that so many people make revolves around what they are drinking, rather than what they are eating. The simple fact is, regardless of how well you eat, if you are drinking lots of sugary, high calorie drinks, you are not going to lose weight or live a healthy lifestyle.

Portion Size – Portion size is something many people get wrong and it is common for us to eat more than we really need. Even if your plate is filled with healthy foods, like vegetables, it is still important to make sure you aren’t overeating. Therefore, you should always try to recognise when you are feeling full and stop eating at that point.

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